Ways to Use Plastic Postcard

Are you looking for unique marketing materials for your business? If so, plastic postcards may be just what you are looking for. They are bright, modern, and environmentally friendly. Here are some ways to use plastic postcards:

Promotional Item

It is a great idea to include them in goodie bags that go out to customers at the end of an event or trade show. You can also include them with coupon promotions or discounts that encourage people to take a step toward being eco-friendly by using this product. This will give your company name some exposure without requiring you to invest in expensive advertisements everywhere.

Customer Engagement

Plastic postcards make great giveaways because they are durable and can be used to engage with customers. For example, you might include little quizzes on the postcards that encourage people to think about your business. This could be anything from an ice breaker to helping strangers get acquainted at a networking event or something similar for a doctor’s office or retail store. You could even send them out through social media channels and a catchy question that encourages customer interaction.

Social Media Campaign

Plastic postcards make great giveaways because they have many uses and remind people of your company. They can also be part of your social media campaign by encouraging people to write their ideas on the back of the card and then taking a picture of the plastic postcard and sharing it on your social media sites. For example, you could encourage people to write their favorite restaurant on the back of a plastic postcard and then share a picture of the card on Facebook. People might like or comment on the photo because they see a friend’s name printed there.

Postcards are used in marketing because they effectively get people’s attention. They can be made cheaply and easily printed using modern technology. Because they are lightweight compared to other types of marketing material, sending out large quantities is cheaper than sending out brochures or leaflets that would otherwise take lots of storage space.