Want to Start a Business? Let’s Learn the Stages

It’s never too late to start a business. But there are things that must be considered so that the business runs smoothly.
Master Coach Tom MC Ifle explained that there are several strategies and stages that must be carried out and passed by prospective business people. He revealed this so that entrepreneurs could understand the levels. For example, the first ladder is a learner.

“Initially, entrepreneurs, if they want to start a business, have to want to be learners. There are no successful entrepreneurs who stop learning,” he said in an event. Business Ideas Festival sponsored by PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (BNI), Friday (23/10) / 2020).

He revealed that entrepreneurs must also be diligent in studying emerging business models. And listen more often to business guides. He said that if the learner’s level was finished, he could move up to the merchant level.

“You can have a great company, but you can’t trade, what for? For example, there was a Compact PC, he beat IBM to beat Apple, but he died because he failed to sell,” he explained.

Before starting to trade, what must be considered is what products will be sold and what are the stages of production. Besides that, you must also understand the desires that are on the market.

“Selling what you wear can make it easier to know what you want and know what quality is expected,” he explained.

After graduating to become a trader, you can level up to become a producer. Manufacturers usually have a plan to find out what goods consumers want.

Indeed, producers do not focus on selling. But focus on creating products with the same quality but at a lower price. “Many producers do not understand trade but have already produced, so that’s over,” he explained.

After creating a product that must be considered is creating consumer loyalty by creating a brand. “Apple used to sell unfinished computer products, but now people seem to be competing to be Apple’s brand ambassadors, then Nike, where everyone remembers that Nike is an athlete and a bold breakthrough sports brand,” he said.