Types of jewellery that you can sell

The criteria that impact the value of estate jewelry and the alternatives for liquidating it are two important areas of knowledge to receive the greatest price for your jewelry. Is this to say that in order to sell gold jewelry, you must become a gemologist? No. However, doing your investigation and taking notes can result in a significantly higher price for your item. Let’s start with how the value of estate jewelry is determined and how you deal with jewellery buyers Melbourne when you go to sell.

Estate jewelry

The term “estate” refers to property that has previously been owned. One of the deciding criteria is this fact. Pre-owned jewelry is rarely as valuable as new jewelry. For superstitious reasons, some people will never acquire a previously bought engagement ring set. But you can easily sell gold jewelry that is preowned and you will receive a great price for it if the piece is in a good  

Jewelry is a business that is driven by fashion. Some fashion trends last forever and they come back, while others are only popular for a few months and they immediately disappear. Out-of-style estate jewelry cannot attract a high price. In fact, some styles have fallen out of favor to the point where the jewelry’s only worth is its inherent value.

Antique Jewelry

On the other hand, the jewelry could be antique. Antique jewelry is highly collectible, and selling it may necessitate a specialized choice. Knowing if your jewelry is vintage or antique might make the difference between hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. With the extraordinary beauty and refined elegance of old jewelry, there is something magical about a piece of jewelry with a past and a story to tell.

The value of worn-out jewelry is reduced. Bringing a piece of jewelry back to life is a challenging task. The value of most worn-out jewelry is determined by its inherent value. When jewelry is cleaned, it looks its best. Before you show off your jewelry, be sure it’s clean. Allow a professional jeweler to clean your piece of jewelry if you are unsure of how to clean it properly. Some jewelers will even clean it for you for free. Warning: improper cleaning can cause jewelry to be damaged or even destroyed. Allow the specialists to clean the jewelry or gem if you are unclear of how to do so.

Sell gold jewelry that you own 

Nowadays with jewellery buyers Melbourne the process is easy and simple. Remember the jewelry business has been recycling for a long time. In fact, some of the gold in your jewelry may have been used since Jesus’ time. Jewelry that has been damaged beyond repair is purchased for its intrinsic value by local gold buyers and melted down. The metal recovery process uses harsh chemicals and is subject to stringent environmental restrictions, which has an impact on the price paid for metal transported to be recycled.

Remember that when you sell the jewelry, you get compensated based on the quality and demand, not on what you purchased for it.

Selling your gold jewelry in Australia has become an easy and safe process therefore we encourage you to choose the right facility before making a decision of how to sell gold jewellery that you own.