Top Reasons Why Microsoft Teams is Right for Your Business

3D Render of Microsoft Teams

1. A Structured Workplace

Microsoft Teams has to be one of the best tools for every business. It’s one of the top options for a business looking to keep its workspace much more organized. Why is it so effective for an organization? With Microsoft teams integrated into your company, you can create teams for every individual department.

This means you can streamless the work processes and collaborate without having to be physically present anywhere. This ensures your entire company can work together on projects seamlessly.

Along with this, within every team, you can build out various channels to organize projects into specific topics. This can help streamline everything and avoid any sort of miscommunication that could typically occur. It also makes it much easier to search through all of the data within various teams.

Being able to build out private channels can also be a good feature that will ensure everyone has access to whatever they need. It also helps you keep those who shouldn’t have access out. You can always add guest users with limited permissions too.

Within Teams, the channels have three default tabs. You have Posts, Files, and Wiki. From there, your employees can add even more. All that needs to be done is pinning the most frequently used documents and files and you’ll give everyone extremely easy access to everything they need.

2. Better Collaboration

Various software like Microsoft Teams can make it easier to collaborate on different tasks within your organization. It does a lot of things to make communication between departments seamless.

For one, you don’t need to worry about using internal communication channels. This can be a major sigh of relief for employees. This can be a long and tedious process that can easily be avoided. Not only that, but you don’t need to search through your email to find the email your coworker sent a month ago.

You also don’t need to worry about sending the file back and figuring out if it’s the newest version. Instead, you have everything pinned to your channel and it’s always the most updated and latest version.

Everyone can make the changes they want to make in real-time. They can even make comments, share feedback, and see the edit history of any given document or file. This can save everyone who is working on the document a lot of time.

3. Better Meetings

Another excellent thing about Microsoft Teams has to be its meeting functionality. You get some of the most interactive meeting experiences with a Microsoft Teams phone system. It provides one of the closest real-life types of meeting experiences. This ensures you can communicate effectively with whoever you are meeting. It also makes everyone feel much more connected. You can look at several people at the same time which helps with engagement.

You can also leverage the built-in screen-sharing feature. This feature makes it easier for you to deliver better presentations. You’ll be able to use what you are viewing on your screen to explain things and highlight things easier. It can help salespeople tremendously with a better tool for closing deals. You can also utilize the background image to avoid having to show off your messy office when working at home.

With Teams, you can easily and effectively schedule meetings with everyone. You can make it easy to find the right timeslot that suits everyone. It also enables you to organize the meetings effectively with other members in your company and even outside of it. You don’t even have to worry about them not having a Teams account themselves. They will get the email link as an invitation and they can join freely using their web browser.

4. Syncs with Outlook

It also happens to sync directly to the Outlook calendar. This means that you can easily schedule and organize all of your meetings and events.

5. Notes

Taking notes during meetings is essential. Teams have a built-in note taker using apps like OneNote and Whiteboard which are both optimized to work with it. You can use these note apps to share respective notes with other members of the organization.

6. Group Meetings

It’s so flexible in that you can host 1 on 1 meeting or host a meeting with up to 350 different people. You can even host an event that holds up to 10,000 attendees making it incredibly versatile.

If you haven’t been convinced to try out Teams, now is the time to do so.