Tips For a Successful Reunion

Reunions are an awaited event for some people. At the same time, it becomes something that is avoided by some people. If you like reunions, it is essential for you to to check to the following tips if you want to hold a reunion:

Arrange a Solid Committee

The success of your reunion event is determined mainly by the work and solidity of the committee team. After agreeing to hold a reunion, the committee team must formed in detail. Form a team that is divided into several divisions depending on the jobs needed, such as financial division, event division, publication division, and other divisions.

Complete Invitation Data

The second process took quite a long time. committee needed to make an inventory of data for the invitation. this can be completed more quickly with the help of social media networks such as Facebook or WhatsApp. Next, the committee needs to make a list related to invited guests. From these data, the committee can estimate how many alumni will attend the reunion.

Choose the Right Location and Time

committee must create a unique and not monotonous event so that it can attract alumni to attend. One of the things that could influence people to attend is the place for the reunion. It is better to choose a location that can be a place of nostalgia. Sport Bar Sutherland Shire can be your choice in holding a reunion.

It is also necessary to consider alumni who live far outside the city. Timing must also be carefully considered because many alumni work in a different city.

Prepare in advance

Never hold a reunion with a sudden preparation time. Minimum preparation is three months before the day of H. However, you need to know. Usually, the reunion requires a large amount of funds. For that, it certainly requires a lot more time.

Carefully and Cleverly Collect Funds

Funds can indeed be one of the obstacles in any event. For reunions, the best way to cover the budget is to have donors from the alumni themselves. But you can also set up an entrance ticket or registration fee, when the estimated results of the ticket cannot cover the budget, then collect funds from the alumni. The committee can also collaborate with several event vendors to get a sponsor.