Things You Should Know About Double Glazing Sales

Not everyone likes a person selling double glazing. The media chides them and there is a good reason for it, sometimes. National companies selling double glazing engage the services of sales staff on a commission-only basis. Usually, these salespersons don’t get proper training as most companies offer just one or two types of windows. In most cases, a huge part of their training is focused on teaching them sales tactics such as countering objections, how to sell finance, and closing the sale late at night.

This is the reason, the salesperson will insist on having both you and your partner at the sales call. One of the most common objections raised by potential buyers is that they want to get approval from their partner before placing an order. By having both the partners at the sales call, the salesperson can quickly counter this most common objection.

A double glazing salesperson is also known to spend a substantial amount of time telling potential buyers about the problems with other companies selling the same product. In most cases, they do that to justify their extremely high prices. There is no doubt that there are differences in double glazing products. There is a huge range of profile systems available for sale and needless to say, some systems are better. Better systems typically have a greater number of insulating chambers or the ability to accept huge triple-glazed units.

Doors may have a variety of locking mechanisms. A locking mechanism that consists of a cheap euro-cylinder imported from the far east typically doesn’t last long in front of a pair of mole-grips. On the other hand, a decently made lock is capable of withstanding multiple attempts at drilling or snapping it.

Don’t trust a salesperson that tries to convince you about the condensation problem with aluminum or rotting timber. Keep in mind that timber does rot but there is a whole lot of difference between different types of timber. A window made of cheap softwood will typically rot but a window made of softwood such as Accoya is likely to last for several decades.

Regardless of the material used for making the product, all products are accompanied by routine maintenance guidelines as well as guarantees to ensure long service life. Don’t trust anyone that tries to convince you of the maintenance-free nature of their product. Maintenance-free is a term often used by salespeople to convince buyers but you should know that nothing is totally maintenance-free. You will need to lubricate, adjust and clean these products at reasonable intervals to ensure long service life.

Getting an Estimate for double-glazed windows

You’ll find many differences between companies when you ask for double glazing estimates. In most cases, sales persons employed on a commission basis begin the sales process by quoting an extremely high price. They start dropping the price as the sales call progress.

Usually, the price drop begins by quoting a special one-off price that is not going to be repeated. If you don’t bite, they will usually take it to the next step which is calling their manager. It may be their wife at home. They will talk in front of you and the salesperson will tell the supposed manager that they cannot give any more discount at their pay grade but they really like the buyer and if there is something that can be done by the manager.

They will take a short pause and after some time, you will hear them say that buyers are going to be delighted with the discount and they will cut the phone. This is when the salesperson will tell you that their manager has agreed to provide some additional discount that will come from a different part of their budget or from another region. On top of that, they will put a time limit saying that the discount is available only for a certain time or at night. They would want to pressure you to make up your mind right then and there.

Salespeople Will Sell You the Moon

Windows installed in the render are going to need re-rendering. Decorating isn’t included as part of the job by most companies as well as the internal plaster work. Some degree of redecoration will be needed but it won’t be included.