The Benefits of Strength Training

A typical young boy when looking in a mirror should be able to flex his arm and notice a fair amount of something known as muscle. The average representation of this particular muscle is around 10{c168d8b10469b600da6d958cab0718253eefc92fe224b0b076686c93e4365ea4} of his overall muscle mass present in the body. But as the boy starts growing older, he will start to lose pure muscle (around 5 pounds) inch by inch.

And eventually, all that will be left is a wobbly mass of fat and skin. Many men begin losing 1{c168d8b10469b600da6d958cab0718253eefc92fe224b0b076686c93e4365ea4} of their muscle mass each year, from the age of 50 onwards. This number will double after 60.

Unless he decides to do something about this…

Strength training doesn’t only involve professional bodybuilders that lift heavy weights in gym settings. It is beneficial for individuals of any age and is often very important for anyone that is looking to improve their balance, heart function, bone strength, or just to start looking and feeling better. Strength training is not only for the gym junkies and the Schwarzenegger-wannabes. Consistent weight training will benefit any person in many ways.

Strength Training Will Increase Bone Strength

As you start getting older, the bones in your body start getting weaker and lose density. The best method to reduce or stop this is to hire a personal trainer for your fitness regime, for readers in Woking see ‘personal trainer Woking ‘. This can help to lower risks such as fractures when you get older and can help to correct or prevent a posture disorder such as dowager’s hump or rounded shoulders, by making your spine stronger.

It Can Increase Self Belief

The main aspect involved in building your inner self-confidence is setting goals that may seem totally impossible and then working consistently towards them until you have reached them. Essentially, this is what exercise routines such as strength training involves.

Everyone will start as a weakling. But once you have set goals that are currently out of your reach, with the determination to work consistently towards them, it becomes possible to achieve what might have appeared impossible when you were just starting out. And this is when you can look back and be proud of how far you have come.

A Wardrobe Upgrade

When you consistently train over a period of time, you will start filling out and your clothes will no longer look like drab rags wrapped around a skinny wire. You may be able to get a few more years from your favorite pair of old jeans. This improves self-confidence and the saying is very true “Once you start noticing the results you will never stop”.

You, Will, Increase Your Metabolism

Research and studies indicate that a man that is lifting weights twice a week over a period of 18 weeks will burn 9{c168d8b10469b600da6d958cab0718253eefc92fe224b0b076686c93e4365ea4} more calories on average every day when compared to non-lifters. This is sufficient enough for an average male to lose around 25 pounds a year without the need to make changes to the way he eats.

There is a common myth that many people believe that you can only burn fat when engaging in cardio happens to be utter nonsense. Strength training will increase testosterone levels which help to burn fat and enhance your metabolism.

Cultivate Hard Work and Discipline

“Nothing good ever came easy, It takes hard work, sacrifice, and pain”

Becoming good at anything involves understanding how important it is to create good habits through prioritization, hard work, and discipline. When adding strength training to your daily routines and doing it consistently, you will start to understand the sacred importance involved in cultivating the discipline to reach your goals.

Strength training is the ideal space to practice prioritization and discipline.

You Will Become Fitter And Stronger

Obvious Fact 101: Strength training will not only increase the strength in your body but will also tone your muscles when they contract against resisting forces.

Isometric resistance involves contracting the muscles against non-moving objects. This could involve push-ups against a floor.