Marble Worktop Benefits
White marble worktop in a kitchen

Let’s discuss some benefits of using a marble worktop.

Timeless Elegance

Marbles like the beige Crema Marfil, Blanco Ibiza, and Negro Marquina or green Indian varieties are materials that will consistently remain regardless of how trends change. So do they hold a secret? Their warmth and beauty provide a way to create incredibly unique environments.

The colours that these marbles represent also allow for an easy way to blend them into other tones and materials, which opens many possibilities for both interior designers and architects.


Nature holds the responsibility of providing such durability and strength to a marble worktop. This is a feature on its own that takes care of potential scratches or impacts that these surfaces may be subjected to.

Heat Resistance

Baking and kitchen professionals have a great commitment when it comes to using marble surfaces in their working environments since it helps them to keep cool. This feature also offers bakers the ideal working surface.

Marble also offers another attractive feature in that it is resistant to high temperatures. However, experts from Zenstone,  a premier provider of kitchen, bathroom and BBQ worktops, recommend that you use a protector for your worktops to provide a layer of protection from hot pans and pots.


Lately, there has been a significant increase in imitation products that have flooded the market. However, to this very day, not one has matched the characteristics of marble.

One of the biggest benefits of choosing marble worktops is that these products are 100{c168d8b10469b600da6d958cab0718253eefc92fe224b0b076686c93e4365ea4} natural. They have highly unique colours and patterns which provides further exclusivity.


If you are looking for the type of worktop that is going to last a lifetime, you should be choosing marble. To substantiate and back up these claims think about the materials that many historical buildings feature. One of the classic examples is Saint Peter’s Basilica located in Vatican City.

Therefore it is safe to confidently state “long live marble”.


Even though it might seem otherwise, it will depend on the marble type that it can be a more cost-effective option when compared to certain granite types or even imitation materials. For this reason, the price shouldn’t be one of your impediments when choosing marble for your worktops.

If your budget is limited, we suggest asking for quotes from multiple suppliers, comparing prices, and considering the benefits provided by different worktop types.


Polishing marble allows for a way to extract its natural shine and beauty, and bring the marble to life. Marble irradiates a very natural shine, which will reflect in your kitchen or bathrooms, helping you to achieve a truly unique environment.


Marble can easily adapt to different characters which will depend on the finish. This is why it is known as a flexible material that allows for creating very different environments. In this way, marble can work in both classical and minimalist environments, and that is pretty amazing.

Cleaning a Marble Worktop

When it comes to marble it is best to forget any of the home remedies when cleaning marble and stay far away from vinegar and lemon juice. Each solution is going to depend on what type of stain you are dealing with. When it comes to coffee, wine, or rust, use 100 vol. Peroxide and make sure you rinse well with soap and water.

Marble is porous so act as fast as you can to avoid the stains from penetrating any further.

Lots of Finishes to Choose From

The last benefit associated with choosing a marble worktop has to do with the finishes on offer. The more common edge types include:

  • Mitre Joint

In these cases, the edge apron of the worktop can reach up to 8cm in height. An apron is a vertical panel along the edge of the worktop.

  • Square

The edges are the same in width and straight.

  • Half Bull Nose

With this edge type, the top will be smoothed so that it makes the edges round.