Latest Minimalist Living Room Design

Many minimalist homeowners make their living room also function as a family room. An impressive living room design makes a homey impression on the residents and is pleasant for guests.

The right minimalist living room decoration can create a soothing, friendly, and warm atmosphere, perfect for interactions to build togetherness. Here we provide some tips for creating the minimalist living room design of your dreams.

The Right Furniture

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For minimalist living room decoration, you don’t need a lot of furniture or have a complex design. It isn’t very easy to clean, and it also brings an old-fashioned impression. Minimalist furniture emphasizes symmetrical design and creates a spacious feel to the entire room. In addition to desks and sofas, you can add cabinets and flat-screen televisions mounted to the wall to save space. Choose limestone floor tiles to make the room looks elegant. For those of you who want to buy limestone floor tiles, you can buy it at the Amber Tiles store.

Color combinations

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If you want a relaxed feeling like at the beach, choose bright Mediterranean colors like blue, yellow, and red. Usually, two to four colors are more than enough. Pay attention to the mix of floor colors, carpets, furniture (tables, sofas, cabinets) and other accessories such as decorations on the table, walls, or ceiling. Complementary colors attract family members to be in the living room longer than in the room alone.

You can also use matching colors for a softer minimalist living room design. If you want to be in harmony with the overall feel or theme of the house, you need to follow the decoration of the living room with the color of the walls or window curtains and use matching furniture color.

Neat arrangement

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Minimalist living room design is concerned with neatness. Please pay attention to the cables, make sure they are hidden. Permanent cables should be specially covered or painted according to their place. For standing lamps, if possible, tie the cord neatly to the pole and hide the rest under the sofa or furniture.

Minimalist living room decoration can use a cupboard to beautify the room, and you can add books or magazines in an attractive arrangement. Put a table decoration such as a flower vase or a small statue strategically. You can put them be in the middle or in one corner to create the impression of roomy and easy to clean.