Recognize the Problematic Employee Before It’s Too Late

Problematic employees will make everything complicated. There are just problems created by this kind of employee. Not only that, but troubled employees will also harm the company. You have to do coaching so that this person changes. You can start it from taking a personal approach, giving verbal reprimands, holding corporate team activities, to dismissing them if they won’t change.

If employees make troubles everyday, the company will lose money because customer confidence can decrease. Work productivity will also be hampered, and it can disrupt the comfort of other employees.

Therefore, be aware of problematic employees. Here are the signs that your employees are having problems, and you need to address them immediately.

Difficult to be Invited to Work Together

Problematic employees often don’t get along with their coworkers, and it is not very easy to work with a team. They want to win and cannot compete in a healthy manner, which makes other employees feel uncomfortable.

If you have a problematic employee, you must find out what causes it. Maybe they needs time for adaptation

Work Performance Worsens

Employees’ work results are increasingly declining, both in quality and quantity. They began to make mistakes often, even though you have given an example to do something incorrect way.

Deteriorating work performance can be due to employees who are not smart, lazy to learn, and also have lost their morale.

Not responsible

Problematic employees often make mistakes repeatedly. Much work went wrong, and they were not responsible but blaming others.

Employees who fail to fulfill their responsibilities must get sanctions. If they continues to repeat it, it’s time you evaluate your decision to hire them

Reluctant to be Governed

Pay attention to which employees work from the heart and which employees work half-heartedly. In front of you, all employees may be nice, but you can see the work to assess their professionalism.

You can see the look on his face that is not happy and sometimes often give unclear reasons. As a result, the work is done improperly and not following quality standards.


Emotional employees will make others feel uncomfortable. This is not good for the continuity of the team because work relationships needs harmony.

If our employee is easy to get angry, conflicts will often occur, and the atmosphere at work become not conducive.

Breaking the Rules Often

Employees who love their work will try their best. They will obey all rules because they realize the obligations.

Problematic employees will not care if they make a mistake, such as late or skipping work.

Well, that’s some problematic employee behavior. Hopefully, you can recognize this to prevent a problem in the future.